Tutu Drive 2010
The Princess Alexa Foundation
Alexa began battling cancer just before her 2nd birthday, throughout her battle with cancer Alexa loved to go everywhere in princess dresses & became known as "Princess Alexa". I'm so sad to say she passed away in June of 2008. I know many of you are mommies & when you hear a story like that it just breaks your heart. I just can't imagine... But that's what I love about this organization, there's actually something I can do to help. A direct impact I can make & help out some little girl who's going through a hard time just a little bit. You can read more on their website, you'll see what organization or hospital their currently "dressing", pictures of the kids & ways to donate. So that's where we come in! So if you can donate a tutu please do so!! I will be sending Natasha some of my tutu's I just heard about this a day ago and I thought this is a great. for the next few weeks I'll be taking orders for tutus for this drive.  I will make princess tutu (size 2T - 10) and either send it directly to Natasha for the drive (in your name, of course), or I can send it to you and you can send it on to Natasha yourself.  If you do decide to send it yourself please make sure you go to samstermommy.blogspot.com for directions on how to pack the tutu's.
Thank you so much,
More info on the Princess Alexa Foundation can be found at
Thank you to those whom donated to The Princess Alexa Foundation.
Samster Mommy Tutu Drive
Thanks to Luis & Vicky for donating a tutu to
 The Princess Alexa  Foundation.
Thanks to Jose & Lydia for                                I Love All Things Girly
donating a tutu to The Princess                          is donating 8 tutu to The
Alexa Foundation                                               Princess Alexa Foundation.
  Thanks to the Pullaro Family for 
  donated to The Princess Alexa Foundation

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