Tutu FAQ's

Q:DATE NEEDED...why is it necessary to give a Date Needed on my order?

A: Having a Date Needed on every order helps me organize my orders so you can receive your purchase well before your party or pictures. I do my absolute best to make and ship your order in time for you to receive by the Date Needed, but please keep in mind that I can only work within a reasonable time frame. Please order early to avoid disappointment, and please be certain the type of shipping method chosen is appropriate for your order. Please provide an actual date on your order. Dates given as ASAP..are NOT given priority. If you need to expedite your order, please contact me before placing an order.

Q:Are your Tutus ready to ship?

A. Everything needed to make my Tutus is on hand and can be made quickly, but they are all custom made just for your child, according to the options you choose. This insures you receive the best fitting and highest quality Tutu available.

Q:How long does it take to make a Tutu?

A: Basic Tutus can be made and shipped within a two to three days. Theme Tutu sets are delivered about 2 weeks from the date they are placed. Other factors also determine the time involved in fulfilling your order. A large order will take longer to fulfill. If a Tutu is ordered with additional items, such as a Birthday or Personalized Onesie/Tee, the order may take longer to fulfill. If arrival time is important to you, please order early and choose an appropriate shipping method. If you need expedited service and shipping, please contact us before placing an order.

Q: I'm not sure what Tutu length to choose for my baby/child.

A: Taking a measurement is simple. You will need a tape measure or yard stick. Measure from your child's natural waist down on her thigh, where you would like the Tutu to fall. Also consider the Tutu will be shorter than this measurement when it is poofy. For further help with choosing a length, please see our Tutu Sizing Below.

Q:I'm not sure what size Tutu waist my child needs.

A: Using a soft measuring tape, measure around your child's natural waist. Be sure to measure under clothing for the most accurate measurement. For additonal help, see my Tutu Sizing Below. It is the customer's responsibility to determine the correct size waist measurement. I make all Tutus according to the product options you choose. I am  not responsible if the Tutu does not fit you child.

Q:Are Tutus and Tutu sets refundable?

A: My Tutu's, tutu sets, Tutu bags personalized items are custom made, special occasion items and cannot be refunded. Please select your child's Tutu based on an accurate waist measurement, and please select your child's onesie or tee based on her weight as well as chest measurments. I provide accurate sizing charts to assist you, and we custom make your outfit based on the options you choose. Please choose carefully, and ask questions before buying, as all sales on these items are final, no exceptions.

Tutu Size, Length, Style, Tips

I recommend you measure your child's waist before choosing a Tutu size. The size chart below is meant to provide assistance, but it cannot replace an accurate waist measurement. To measure your child, use a measuring tape, going around her waist at belly button level. Clothing will add extra inches, so take the measurement without clothing around her waist. If you need more help, please phone Jersey Girls Treasure Box at: 732.901.9104 or email me at iloveallthingsgirly@yahoo.com Tutu Waist Sizes

Newborn Baby Tutu: My newborn baby size Tutus are made to fit a waist size from 12" to about 14", which fits most new babies through about 3 months. The recommended length is 4", just right for a newborn.(See Tutu Lengths Below)

Baby Tutu 3-6 Months: This size baby tutu is made to fit a waist size from 12" to 14" ", which fits most babies 3-6 months. The recommended length for this age baby is 6". (See Tutu Lengths Below)

Baby 1-2 Years: My most popular size Tutu has a waist that begins at 15" and stretches to about 17" and fits most babies 1-2 years old. The recommended length for this age is 8". (See Tutu Lengths Below)

2-3 Years: This size Tutu will fit a child 2-3 years of age with a waist that measures 18" to 20". The recommended length for this Tutu is 10" for an average height 2-3 year old. (See Tutu Lengths Below)

3-4 Years: With a waist size of 21" to 23", this Tutu will fit most girls 3-4 years of age. The recommended length for this age group is 10". (See Tutu Lengths Below)

5-6 Years: This Tutu will fit a little girl about age 5-6 with a waist that begins at 24" and stretches to about 26". For this Tutu, we recommend a 12" length. (See Tutu Lengths Below)


Tutu Lengths


Tutu length is measured from the waist to the bottom of the Tutu. I recommend you measure your child from her waist down to the area of leg you would like the Tutu to fall before choosing a length, and consider that the Tutu will be shorter when it is poofy.

4" Length: This length would be most appropriate for a newborn baby up to about 3 months of age, as it is very short and fluffy. On a 1 year old, the 4" length would fit more like a ruffle around the waist and not have the fullness of a longer Tutu.

6" Length: This length would be most appropriate for a baby 3-6 months, as it is very short and fluffy. On a 1 year old, the 6" length would show baby's bottom, and would look perfect with a ruffle panty. However, this length of Tutu is not recommended for portraits when a fuller, longer Tutu is desired.

8" Length: This is our most popular length Tutu, and falls just above the knee or at the knee of a 1 year old child. We recommend this length for 1-2 year olds, but the 8" length would also be appropriate for older children when a very short Tutu is preferred. The 8" Tutu is also the most popular length for baby portraits.

10" Length: This length of Tutu will fall just below the knees or mid shin of a 1 year old. This length is recommended for children 3 or over, or when a longer Tutu is preferred for a younger child.

12" Length: This length Tutu is recommended for a child 5-6 years old. On a 1 year old child, it will fall to the ankle or touch the floor. This length is recommended for older children, or younger children of walking age, or when a very long length is desired for a baby portrait.


Tutu Styles

ELASTIC WAIST TUTU... Most of my Tutus are sewn just as clothing is sewn, My elastic waist Tutu has soft stretch elastic running through the waist casing, and the elastic is sewn together to close the Tutu. The child would step in and out of this style Tutu.
Tutu Tips... A Tutu requires a little special care for longest wear. Tutu's are made of Tulle, a nylon material that dislikes humidity. Tutu's wilt quickly in humidity, so keep in a cool, dry area when not in use, and do not crush. Your closet is perfect. My Tutus are not flammable, but they will melt, so keep far away from open flames. Tutu's look best for photos when they are full and poofy. Fluff as needed. To fluff, gently pull each individual Tulle layer up towards waistline for maximum poofiness.


Onesie Size Chart

Please do not choose a size based solely on your child's age. Please choose a Onesie or Tee based on your child's weight and length/ height. My Onesies and Tees tend to run slightly smaller. If your child is on the cusp of 2 sizes, I advise choosing the larger size, if the item is to be worn immediately. If you need more help, please phone at 732.901.9104 or email me: iloveallthingsgirly@yahoo.com 3-6 months....fits most babies *3-6 months old, weighing 12-16 pounds and 23" to 27" long (head to toe)

12 months..fits most babies *6-12 months old, weighing 17-21 pounds and 27" to 29" long (head to toe)

18 months..fits most babies *12-18 months old, weighing 22-26 pounds and 29" to 31" long (head to toe)

24 months..fits most babies *18-24 months old, weighing 27-30 pounds and 31" to 33" long (head to toe)

Girl's Tee Size Chart

Size 3.............fits most girls *age 3, with a 22" to 23" chest and 34" to 38" tall

Size 4.............fits most girls *age 4, with a 23" to 24" chest and 39" to 41" tall

Size 5/6..........fits most girls *age 5/6, with a 24" to 25" chest and 42" to 44" tall

Size 6X...........fits most girls *age 6/7, with a 25" to 27" chest and 45" to 48" tall




Every Tutu is custom made just for you! I make them myselve, I do not outsource my work or buy my Tutus overseas as many online Tutu boutiques do. My Tutus are 100% Nylon tulle, non flammable and non toxic. Many Tutus shipped from outside the USA are made of inexpensive tulle which is not only scratchy, but flammable as well. My Tulle and  Tutus are made in the USA, supplying jobs and helping support American families.
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